Having Faith in Medium Is Different than Faith in a God

Tony Berard
5 min readJan 14, 2022

I am not a religious person — at least not any more. But, I used to be. Man, I would tell people that they are living a life of sin and if they didn’t accept Jesus as their savior. Naturally, I didn’t get people to like me very much. But, I only bring this up to say that I used to have faith — faith in God.

So, I think I can speak on this issue of faith. Faith is complete without question even in the presence of overwhelming evidence against it. For example, Rastas (of the Rastafarian faith) believe that the dude that created the religion is a God. I found this quote from Britanica:

Many (though not all) Rastas believe that the Ethiopian emperor, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, crowned in 1930, is the Second Coming of Christ who returned to redeem all Black people.

I count this as a king from, say, the Renaissance claiming (like the Pope) that his authority comes from God. This is the divine right of kings doctrine: click this link. People that believe this kind of thing are exhibiting this pure blind faith in something completely false and/or nonexistent.

There is another kind of faith, though — one that is resting on much better ground. People place bets on sports a lot. It is a booming industry. They study their team or athlete and compare it to their competition. When they place their bet, they are having faith in their athlete or team to come through for them. If it doesn’t happen (as that may be the case a lot), they understand that that was a possibility. A blind faith adherent is really thrown for a loop if bad consequences happen as a result of their blind faith in whatever fails them.

The Faith Beads on a Wire

Faith Beads on a Wire

Science does have a faith of some kind in it because I got this Faith Bead on a Wire concept from some scientific article I read many eons ago (hyperbole here as I am not a God, try as I might). This scientist was advising his reader to imagine a short wire suspended in the air. At one end…

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