President Donald Trump poses for his official portrait at The White House, in Washington, D.C., on Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

How Can Donald Trump Even Have a Candidacy?

Trump Is Running Again??

Tony Berard
3 min readNov 26, 2022


I typed Donald Trump into Google and got the above snapshot. In that short little space, the word “donate” appears three times, just in case you missed it the first two times.

First, how many lawsuits has The Donald been involved in?

Over 4000 Legal Battles — the most sued president in history.

What about his university? Was this a legitimate learning institution?

Here’s just the opening two paragraphs of the above link under the screenshot:

“Following the release, earlier this week, of testimony filed in a federal lawsuit against Trump University, the United States is facing a high-stakes social-science experiment. Will one of the world’s leading democracies elect as its President a businessman who founded and operated a for-profit learning annex that some of its own employees regarded as a giant ripoff, and that the highest legal officer in New York State has described as a classic bait-and-switch scheme?

If anyone still has any doubt about the troubling nature of Donald Trump’s record, he or she should be obliged to read the affidavit of Ronald Schnackenberg, a former salesman for Trump University. Schnackenberg’s testimony was one of the documents unsealed by a judge in the class-action suit, which was brought in California by some of Trump University’s disgruntled former attendees.”

Next, I wanted to know how many documents he falsified:

This holiday season we find that Trump IS the gift that keeps on giving. Just ask Google some basic questions on the character of this man, and you will find a dazzling display of hits. Look at that last one: he is credibly accused of at least 56 criminal offenses.

I couldn’t get anywhere near that level of criminal activity before I was apprehended and jailed.

If Trump gets the nomination, which seems at least a 50–50 proposition, do not vote for him. He will just embarrass the country more, and he will probably arm Russia and withdraw support from Ukraine since he admires Putin so much. I can’t stand another thirty thousand lies and two more impeachments.

Thanks for reading me.



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