How Do These Bitcoin Peddlers STILL Make Money?

Tony Berard
2 min readFeb 8, 2022
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Man, I am so tired of seeing all this wealth you can make off of bitcoin. Now, even Mike Tyson is in on it — at least lending his face to it. Here’s a link: click here.

Now, Mike Tyson was awesome in his day. I watched his fights with the anticipation of his opponents getting knocked the f**k out. You know what I’m saying? It was a real spectacle.

Not too long ago, he started this Pay-Per-View sham of “exhibition” boxing. He made a lot of money with that. Other older boxers seeing the lucrative nature of it wanted to jump in. Even “Money” Floyd Mayweather Jr. got something like 65 million dollars from a fight with some youtuber who got something like 5 million.

Now, Iron Mike is peddling bitcoin. Rest assured that if you invest in this, consider it extremely risky. Most likely, a great deal of the principle you invest will be lost. It’s really terrible when a celebrity rakes over the people like this, but we let them do it, ultimately.

Consider when Curtis James Jackson III (aka 50 Cent or just Fitty) started touting a little known penny stock (click here). His supporters wound up losing a lot of money, and Fitty got paid. How much did he make? $8.7 million, according to Wikipedia (click here). Wikipedia says that what 50 Cent did “was not a scam per se.” So, I shall use my words with caution for what 50 Cent did as well.

This one is still ongoing, but Kim Kardashian and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are being sued over an alleged crypto scam (click here).

Please, people… Don’t throw your money at what these celebrities are hawking. Instead, if you have some disposable income, go to your local bank. They will have some investment vehicles for you. No, you won’t “double your money in 30 days.” But, as part of a sound investment strategy, your local bank is a very nice place to start.

If you want more investment advice from me, start following me and rattle my cage to let me know. I can do some research and report my findings.

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