In the Beginning Science Says Genesis One Should Have Said…

Tony Berard
3 min readFeb 22, 2024

Can you rewrite Genesis chapter one with modern scientific understanding? Please, put in appropriate time scales, and reorder the events. Sprinkle in appropriate areas of scientific discipline like "according to evolutionary biology, modern humans speciated from xxxx around yyyyy years ago."

Reimagining Genesis Chapter One through the lens of modern scientific understanding involves translating the poetic and narrative structure of the biblical creation story into a framework that aligns with current scientific theories and evidence. This approach will reflect the chronological order and time scales that scientists use to understand the universe’s and life’s origins on Earth. The following is a creative attempt to harmonize the biblical sequence with scientific insights, recognizing that the original text serves religious and spiritual purposes rather than scientific explanation.

In the beginning, Cosmology tells us, the universe was born from an event known as the Big Bang, approximately 13.8 billion years ago. This moment marked the inception of all space, time, matter, and energy. As the universe expanded, it cooled, allowing subatomic particles to form, which later coalesced into simple atoms.

Over billions of years, Astrophysics explains, gravity pulled these atoms into clouds of gas and dust, birthing the first stars and galaxies. Within these stellar nurseries, elements heavier than hydrogen and helium were forged, seeding future generations of stars and the planets that would orbit them.

Approximately 4.5 billion years ago, in a quiet corner of the Milky Way galaxy, Geology and Planetary Science inform us, the Earth formed. Initially, our planet was a molten sphere, bombarded by cosmic debris. Over time, it cooled, forming a solid crust, oceans of water, and an atmosphere.

Biology reveals that life on Earth began around 3.8 billion years ago with the emergence of simple, single-celled organisms. These earliest forms of life were microscopic and inhabited the oceans, drawing energy from the sun and chemicals found in their environment.

Through the process of Evolutionary Biology, life diversified. About 2.4 billion years…



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