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Is Vaishali Rameshbabu a GM?

We Will Answer This One!!

Tony Berard
3 min readNov 10, 2023


I used to tutor math a while ago. The students would be really frustrated and ask, “Why are we learning this stuff? I mean, who ever uses this stuff out in the real world?” Well, my brothers and sisters in math, this is why we are “learning this stuff!!” We’re about to calculate whether or not someone belongs in the group of elite players in the world.

We will use the formula I developed in a recent article right here on Medium:

So, Viashali’s rating will be calculated from her performance in The Grand Swiss:

The above chart is from Agadmator’s channel on YouTube.

So, we will pretend we don’t know Vaishali’s rating so that we can use this to compute it.

R = Rbar — 320*log[(N — S)/S]= (26921/11) — 320*log[(11–8.5)/8.5] = 2447.4–320*log(0.294117647) = 2,617.47

So, this calculation differs from her “performance rating” by about 41 points. But, look, she finished two and a half miles ahead of Goryachkina! Er, I mean two and a half points. And, Goryachkina was rated 2558, so it would be fitting to give Vaishali a rating of 2617 and the GM title. This is what would happen to her on with her performance there. We give titles right then and there. Please consider joining us.

For the record, here are the ratings for the top 25 women in FIDE:



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