Medium Just Named Me a Top Writer in Science!!

Tony Berard
2 min readMar 14, 2022
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I got an email (yesterday now since it’s after midnight) from Medium telling me I was named as a Top Writer in the topic of science!! They explained that three of my stories were making an impact on the readers. Here is a snippet from the email they sent me (the titles are hyperlinks that take you to the stories).


  1. Science or Religion? You May Not Choose Both!! Here’s Why…

15 fans · 226 views

2. Evolution Is Something You Accept: Religion Is Something You Believe

11 fans · 179 views

3. Richard Dawkins: Not Just an Atheist

2 fans · 101 views

In my stories, I am attempting to convert people to atheism so that they can be more clear-headed about the problems facing us all in the world today. Climate change has temporarily taken a back seat to the atrocities Putin is committing in Ukraine. But, that will be short-lived, and climate change will once again become the headline.

Plus, imagine all the fossil fuels being burned up. The Russian military is burning up the fuel in the execution of the war itself. Ukraine is fighting back, and that is also burning up the fossil fuel. People are fleeing the country, which is also burning up the fossil fuels, and the humanitarian aid that is being provided is also burning up the fossil fuels. To a lesser extent, the military shipments of aid the US is sending to Ukraine is also burning up the fossil fuels.

So, the actions of one man (Putin) has caused such a tremendous release of fossil fuels into the environment that it is just awful.

The cost in human capital is also very saddening. The bombing of hospitals — especially that maternity hospital — is a war crime. I hope The Hague has its day of reckoning for Putin with this terrible act of his against humanity.

My article on Richard Dawkins was very enlightening for me personally. I didn’t know a thing about the man until I researched him. He provided a refutation to the pseudo-scientific argument on intelligent design (intelligent design implies an intelligent designer, which is God). His refutation is that complex processes can give rise to complex things like an eyeball. So, an intelligent designer is not needed or required to produce something like an eyeball. He made this argument in his book The Blind Watchmaker.

I will certainly do more profiles on more scientists and publish them in my publications. I want to help the world, and Medium is enabling me to do it. Thank you, Medium!!

Thanks for reading me.

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I have lately been constructing arguments against God and the supernatural. I have proven that stuff doesn't exist with science equations. I aspire to be great.