So, you are in favor of slavery? Would you rather be the slave owner or the slave? And, you're ok with beating slaves as long as you don't kill them? I don't need to read any apologist telling me how I am supposed to interpret that. It's plainly evident what the bible is saying. It even tells you how to go about buying the slaves in the first place.

And, how dare you call me culturally inept and claim that my exegesis is unskilled. The words you don't want to see are right there in front of your eyes in the verses I quoted. They explain how buy slaves and beat them and how to get them married to other slaves you have so that you can keep them for life.

Finally, I said thank you to someone else who read my article with appreciation, not you. But, you just jump right in there not accepting my thanks (which wasn't for you, anyway).

Please don't troll my articles further unless you actually read them and understand what I am saying. Then, I will end this with a thank you that IS directed at you.



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Tony Berard

Recently, I have been debunking religion, psychics, and pseudosciences. I want to improve people’s critical thinking and logic skills. Nothing is Supernatural.