What Can Hans Niemann Detractors Say Now??

Hans Wins the Tournament of Peace 2023 by 3 Miles!!

Tony Berard
6 min readDec 1, 2023


Yes, Hans has admitted to cheating in the past. But, this was when he was young, but he has dedicated his life to chess now. He studies it incessantly and plays a phenomenal amount of chess. He defeated Carslen over the board some months ago, and it seems ancient.

Fast forward to today, and we have a new cheating scandal — that between Kramnik and Nakamura. But, that is a tale for another day. Today, we discuss Hans Niemann.

I saw a comment in a YouTube thread that said that since has has cheated in the past, they don’t want to see any of his games. Well, you are missing out because his games are quite fantastic.

Chess dot com just published a story about Hans Niemann’s win:

So, let me estimate Hans’s rating with my recent formula:

We have all the info needed from this chart from Agad’s channel:

R = 2595.111–320*log[(9–8)/8] = 2595.11 + 288.99 = 2884.11

So, this would mean that Hans Niemann would be higher rated than Magnus Carlsen. Plus, it would make him the highest rated player of all time. Would I use this on our site. No. I would use the estimate provided by linear regression. So, I shall have to do this tournament with my app, which I will do for my next article. For now, I will have to go with this estimate.

Here’s what one of Hans’s opponents said after the tournament:

Clearly, Ivan Cheparinov didn’t suspect Hans of cheating — at all.



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